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Colorado offers some of the most majestic landscapes in North America. In its crown jewel, Rocky Mountain National Park, abundant life runs wild amongst its magnificent peaks and lush valleys. Rocky Mountain Wonder is a cinematic journey through the unique relationship between wildlife and humans in the region.

Life From a New Perspective

Through images both grandiose and intimate, viewers are taken into the unique domain of the elk. As one of the largest mammals in North America, they dominate the eastern territory of the park, fearlessly sauntering into the town of Estes. Elk have a unusual relationship with the humans who live in the region as they cross roadways and take residence in front yards. Locals are aware that they are merely visitors in this astounding natural landscape, yielding to the lumbering, antlered ungulates as they roam freely.

Above All: Protecting our Natural World

Statement from director ben fraternale

Over 1/3rd of Colorado’s vast land is protected by the government, playing a vital role in preserving the livelihood of countless species precious to the region. With Rocky Mountain Wonder, I seek to inspire viewers both acquainted with the natural wonders of the United States, and those unaware of incredible ecosystems threatened by industrial expansion. For the populous to spring into action, they must first understand what they’re fighting to protect, and this film offers a glimpse into a truly incredible slice of untouched America.

As a native New Yorker, the first time I escaped to the rockies changed my life. It was the first time that I truly appreciated the grandeur of the natural world and the scale of life. Now I make the journey several times a year and this film is a result of an immense passion for Colorado’s scenery, wildlife, and the efforts of thousands to preserve this land for generations.

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