We love journalists, particularly when they cover the ongoings of Fraternale Films! Check out some of our press appearances below.

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Fraternale Films docu-short “Rocky Mountain Wonder” is a National Parks Conservation Association featured story amidst the tumult of the government shutdown.

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"…one of the biggest [games] in the Capital Region. The best I can do for you is share this awesome video and if you were there, watch it to relive the fun from Saturday."



"50 Yard Dash is an absolutely amazing story. A fan has gone from the age of 9 to become a director and made this docu-story. It’s a testament to Ben, and his passion, and how he sees the game."


Ben Fraternale is interviewed on the red carpet of the Macabre Faire Film Festival, where “Bottomstock” was nominated for best comedy.



The “On The Cape” short film has been in heavy circulation the past few days on Twitter and Facebook. CodBall had a chance to do a quick email interview today with Ben Fraternale, who created the video with his friend Jeff Friedlander.


"I noticed that there is a sense of the world being lived in; there are posters, films, DVDs…what is the process of making a world feel lived-in?"



"Anyone who has wondered what it would be like to be immersed in a false universe will find a kindred spirit in Ben Fraternale, an Irvington resident who has shaped the premise into a new short film…"


"Make it happen for yourself. Waiting for people to do thing for you or the chance to make it big is useless. The best thing you can is get off your butt and shoot as many films as you can…"



"Ben Fraternale, 22, is a writer and producer who believes that taking a class from a seasoned actor like Franco couldn’t possibly be a bad thing. ‘If even one morsel of wisdom makes its through, it’s probably worth it…"


"Fraternale Films big moment came when their short film Socks & Robbers was selected to two festivals, one in NYC and the other in Yonkers…"



"…But it’s all there in the style of this 21-year-old filmmaker from Irvington: the gritty violence that harkens back to 70’s classics like ‘Dog Day Afternoon’ and ‘Taxi Driver’, but with a modern, ironic twist."


"My vision for Fraternale Films is to bring feature-length quality into short films which take the viewer through the minds of unique characters in strange situations."



"As someone who grew up in Westchester, Fraternale said he felt very proud to be involved with a local festival, despite already receiving some accolades."