2016 Macabre Faire Film Festival proves to be a stunner

According to Google, the definition of the word “Macabre” is: disturbing and horrifying because of involvement with or depiction of death and injury. So, it came as a surprise to us when we discovered “Bottomstock” was accepted into the 2016 Macabre Faire Film Festival. What exactly was our film if it fit well among swaths of disturbing horror movies? From our perspective, Bottomstock is a fun romp through an investigation with a lovably flawed protagonist. In retrospect, through a “Macabre lens,” Bottomstock does play with death very lightly. A rotting corpse figures centrally to the story, though it’s never treated with any seriousness, and perhaps that’s what landed us in the macabre ranks.

Regardless, we excitedly took the short trip to Long Island for the festival, a sprawling broth of disturbing shorts and features. The scale of the festival, combined with an incredible red carpet experience and gala, immediately legitimized the experience. The community surrounding the fest is extraordinary and its attendees/filmmakers are something of a family. The red carpet gala featured endless acts from ventriloquists to belly dancers to a character named Father Evil (pictured below) giving a harrowing monologue.

Father Evil, doing his thing.

Father Evil, doing his thing.

After the gala, we departed the festival hardly believing what we had just experienced. The Macabre Faire Film Festival is far and way the most unique screening experience we’ve ever had. The crowd was primed for Bottomstock’s off-beat style and it played as strongly as ever. Whether you make films or not, you have to see this event to believe it, so mark the 2017 go-round on your calendars!

Ben Fraternale