Chain NYC Film Festival – A New York Filmmaker’s Delight

As we wind down the festival circuit for Washed Up, we luckily hit the Chain NYC Film Festival. This cool fest takes place over two weeks, a tremendous length for typical festivals, and features themed screenings which pair films by genre or compatibility. We were paired with nostalgia-leaning films, a perfect spot for our story.

Leading off the five-film block was Los Angeles filmmaker Victoria Gordon, whose pilot Behind The Times absolutely leveled us. A truly hilarious, frequently surreal story about a family who fosters a vintage culture, creepily distant from the 21st century, and who disturbs or inconveniences others with their lack of modern tact. We dug it, belted loudly, and hope the best for its future prospects!

With the capacity-crowd fully primed by the proceeding hilarity, “Washed Up” elicited plenty of laughs from the audience. Our film is without a question off-beat, unsettling, and can be taken as either funny or disquieting. Depending on the crowd, we’ve seen reactions go either way, with peppered laughter regardless. With this block of comedies, Washed Up played as ‘funny’ as we’ve ever seen it, and we loved the crowd’s perspective on our crazy film.

After the screenings ended, a Q&A was held and we fielded questions from the audience and a festival organizer. Overall, the Queens location, indie theater atmosphere, and the festival organization made it a true delight for New York filmmakers such as ourselves. We’ll certainly be vying for a spot in 2016!

Ben Fraternale