Create a visually bracing and emotionally engaging series of documentary-shorts following the ongoing storylines of the Arena Football League. In the style of 30-for-30s, videos will range from the backstories of keystone players to narratives about particularly major matchups and critical games. 


Fraternale Films, led by Ben Fraternale, created the 50 Yard Dash brand which has established itself as the league-wide equivalent of NFL Films. As a director and producer, Ben has worked with brands such as GM, Bed Bath & Beyond, Buy Buy Baby, Sothebys, and Crosley. With talented crews of shooters, visual effects artists, and editors, our bread and butter is bringing brands' visions to life. Our frequent collaborators TimeLine Video and FAI Design Group offer full-scale production and function as a vital part of the team. Three seasons ago, our passion for Arena Football naturally motivated us to tell the stories of its unsung heroes through several docu-series under a unique creative vision, leading us from the locker room to the ArenaBowl.



Below is a selection of three shorts and the brand trailer from the 50 Yard Dash series. Along with upwards of 20 such films, we have fostered a social media community through our Instagram, which features cutdowns, individual play highlights, boomerangs, and game images. For more, visit the 50 Yard Dash series page.



There are bountiful storylines within the rosters and matchups of this year's squads. Utilizing our stylistic vision and award-winning team, these impactful stories can place ideally within the league and Monumental's OTT platform and social media distribution strategy.

All films produced in this collaboration would be solely owned by the league and its franchises. Budgets for each piece depend on the scale of individual productions, but would range from $5000-$10k. Films about an individual player that require single shoot days of interviews and game footage would budget on the lower end, while broader pieces requiring many interviews and multi-day shooting demand larger resources.

Below are five concepts which illustrate the types of narratives we could execute in 2018. 

the latin laser.png

The Latin Laser

From winning the ArenaCup in his debut season to three ArenaBowl victories and MVP honors, Nick Davila's storied career is stuff of legend. Though his success is well documented, The Latin Laser follows his difficult journey to the top, from his high school injury which prevented him from playing at Oregon State to his NFL pursuits and ultimate Arena Football success. It caps off with his decision to return to the league after a year of coaching, a poignant comeback to a city looking for its first title.


The Battle of the Beltways

The DMV region has an unmatched indoor war: the meeting of Baltimore and Washington on the 50 yard turf. The Battle of the Beltways delves into the unique stakes of this hyperlocal matchup and how fans, players, and the organization handle each clash. This piece not only focuses on the games, but also the macro effects on the local region and the thrills this sport brings along with it. Interviews with management, fan group leadership, coaches, and players like local boy Randy Hippeard, paint an electrifying picture of these matchups and its significance to the community. 

the battle of the beltways.png
road to arenabowl 31.jpg

Road to ArenaBowl 31

Come playoff time, Road to ArenaBowl 31 will document the build-up and in-game experience of playoff arena football. Much like NFL Films' "America's Game" documentaries, the piece will recap the journey to the championship and the most riveting storylines of the season with interviews from key stars and coaches. The film will also feature a dramatic retelling of the ArenaBowl with stunning slow motion highlights and commentary. It will be a true culmination of the battle-torn path to the top and an emotional encapsulation of the game.


The Prince of Philly

In a span of two weeks, Darius Prince went from unsigned and unknown football player to ArenaBowl MVP. The Prince of Philly recounts the unusual and amazing journey Prince took when one of the Philadelphia Soul's top receivers sustained an injury in the final regular season game. Coming in as a rookie replacement for the first playoff game, Prince tore up the field and electrified the Soul, carrying that success to the ArenaBowl, where he scored two crucial touchdowns that accounted for the team's nailbiting victory.

the prince of philly.jpg
bigger in texas.jpg


Two AFL players share a bond which reaches back far further than any other. Joe Goosby of the Soul and Calvin Fance of the Empire both hail from Jersey Village, Texas, a hotbed of high school football in the suburbs of Houston. Miraculously, both players' winding football journeys led them to Philadelphia, where they reunited on the Soul for two seasons. Now team adversaries but forever friends, Bigger In Texas reveals the brotherhood of football and the close relationships forged in the trenches, which have lasted these two men a lifetime. 



The above concepts are a jumping-off point for what would ultimately be an established weekly video presence for the league in 2019. Housed under a unified creative vision, the launch of an AFL Films department would provide the league with consistent, engaging content that shapes the narrative of the sport. We would oversee the creation of films and videos across the AFL with crews in multiple cities and manage each production from pre-production through the final edit. A full '2019 and beyond' presentation is forthcoming.




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